seqls & seqinfo (gofileseq) binary releases

gofileseq is a Go language library for parsing file sequence strings commonly used in VFX and animation applications.

Sequences of files follow a pattern similar to


Support range formats

       Standard: 1-10
    Comma Delim: 1-10,10-20
        Chunked: 1-100x5
         Filled: 1-100y5
      Staggered: 1-100:3 (1-100x3, 1-100x2, 1-100)
Negative frames: -10-100
        Padding: #=4 padded, @=single pad


Included with the library are two command line utilities:

seqls - An ls-style tool for searching and listing file sequences

$ seqls -r 


seqinfo - Parses one or more sequence pattern strings and list plain text or json info

$ seqinfo --json "/path/to/file.exr" "/path/to/seq.-10-200x2@@.exr"
    "/path/to/file.exr": {
        "error": "",
        "string": "/path/to/file.exr",
        "dir": "/path/to/",
        "base": "file",
        "range": "",
        "pad": "",
        "ext": ".exr",
        "start": 0,
        "end": 0,
        "length": 1,
        "zfill": 0,
        "hasRange": false
    "/path/to/seq.-10-200x2@@.exr": {
        "error": "",
        "string": "/path/to/seq.-10-200x2@@.exr",
        "dir": "/path/to/",
        "base": "seq.",
        "range": "-10-200x2",
        "pad": "@@",
        "ext": ".exr",
        "start": -10,
        "end": 200,
        "length": 106,
        "zfill": 2,
        "hasRange": true

As of recent, the gofileseq project has adopted the use of the goreleaser tool, which means that tagged releases now automatically include cross-compiled binaries of the tools for linux, osx, and windows.

Latest Release


There is also a C++ port of gofileseq within the repository, for those C++ devs that need to work with VFX-style file sequence patterns. Doxygen API docs are now automatically built from the master branch: