Siggraph 2017 - Large Scale VFX Pipelines

At the SIGGRAPH 2017 Convention, in Los Angeles, I had represented Weta Digital and presented a 20 minute talk under the Pipe Dreams category:

SIGGRAPH 2017 > Talks > Pipe Dreams

The talk was entitled Large Scale VFX Pipelines and focused on Weta’s migration from an older commercial render farm solution, to an in-house render management system called Plow. It detailed the original scalability problems, the challenges in switching, the methods used to make a successful migration, and the production results of the change.


To ensure peak utilization of hardware resources and handle the increasingly dynamic demands placed on its render farm infrastructure, Weta Digital developed custom queuing, scheduling, job description, and submission systems. This talk presents the scalability issues encountered and details the strategy, process, and results in solving these problems.

A video of the presentation and the published abstract are available here:

(Scroll down to the Pipe Dreams session and click Large Scale VFX Pipelines)