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Name: Justin Israel
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Jun 07

Comparing performance of Qt smart pointer options


There are a number of sources of information on the usage and behavioral differences of the many “smart pointer” options offered by Qt. But one thing I couldn’t find enough information on were the performance characteristics. “Continue Using QPointer” describes the complicated situation that came about when the Qt project was choosing to either deprecate QPointer …

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Dec 19

South Park “going-away” book gift

On my last day of work at South Park Studios, my co-worker Tory gave me a present. It’s a book that collects together a history of doodles and graphics, capturing significant moments during my 4 year run with the team. Tory tends to represent our team as dog characters. I can be identified usually by the pierced …

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Oct 12

Tutorial: PyQt4 UI Development for Maya

PyQt4 for Maya

“cmiVFX just released the first of a series of training videos for PyQt4 UI Development for Maya, featuring Justin Israel. The base of this video is not just for Maya, but for ANY app structure that exists today. Maya is covered in the second half of the video to help people associate a stronger principal interfacing structure with one of today’s most popular graphics packages. We would like to explicitly state that this video would be extremely helpful to a large range of VFX producers using different software pipelines. The goal of this video is to let the user interface their tools using PyQT4.”

Jul 25

Python 2.7.2 serializer speed comparisons

In a recent python project where I was sending multiple messages per second of data over a basic socket, I had initially just grabbed the cPickle module to get the prototype proof-of-concept functioning properly. cPickle is awesome for easily serializing more complex python objects like custom classes, even though in my case I am only sending basic types. But I wanted to investigate the speed differences of different serializer modules.

Jun 21

Getting started with XBOX 360 Kinect on OSX – opensource+python

A recent project of mine involves research and development with an XBOX 360 Kinect Sensor. Being a python guy, I started searching for python bindings to some OSX-supported framework. When you just get started looking into this area it can be a little confusing. There are a number of layers to the software stack to enable one to accomplish anything meaningful. This is just a short and general blog post outlining the basics of what I have discovered thus far, to help anyone else that might also be getting started.

Apr 14

Write My Code For Me

How do we respond to people who present questions that effectively translate to the statement: “Please write my code for me. Thanks!” ?
In the spirit of a very similar blog post, I decided to expand upon a specific area of that article…

Dec 05

Apple Macbooks and Unexplainable LCD Screen Flicker

Macbook Pro flicker

I had just received my brand new MacBook Pro a few days ago. Amazing machine. Probably the best laptop I have ever laid my hands upon. It was the early Feb 2011 model so I got a crazy good deal. But something caught my eye that I just had to investigate…

Nov 20

Mixing PyQt4 widgets and Maya UI objects

A question came up in the Maya-Python mailing list that I thought was a really good topic, and should be reposted. Someone asked how you can create maya UI objects and embed them within your main PyQt application. Specifically he wanted to create a modelPanel and embed it so that he would have a camera …

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Nov 15

Python for Maya Artists – Volume 2


Second tutorial in the series released! If you watched the first video, you now have a good grasp on Python. Sweet. Let’s plow through some more involved concepts like python juggernauts!

Nov 09

Installing PyQt4 for Maya 2012+ (osx)

This is a follow up post to my previous one on Installing PyQt4 for Maya 2011 Recently while putting together my next video tutorial for Python for Maya, I came to a section where I wanted to demo PyQt4 in Maya2012. But I was concerned that viewers would have to go through the complicated steps …

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