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Dec 19

South Park “going-away” book gift

On my last day of work at South Park Studios, my co-worker Tory gave me a present. It’s a book that collects together a history of doodles and graphics, capturing significant moments during my 4 year run with the team. Tory tends to represent our team as dog characters. I can be¬†identified¬†usually by the pierced …

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Dec 05

Apple Macbooks and Unexplainable LCD Screen Flicker

Macbook Pro flicker

I had just received my brand new MacBook Pro a few days ago. Amazing machine. Probably the best laptop I have ever laid my hands upon. It was the early Feb 2011 model so I got a crazy good deal. But something caught my eye that I just had to investigate…

Jan 11

Failed… hard

The hardest system fail ever

I never thought I had known such a real sense of failure until today, when a system diagnostic became intent on showing me just how hard of a failure we will be experiencing together. This is probably the hardest system failure I have ever felt. The system failed so hard, I was actually sent home …

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Nov 18

My fake grandmother…

My fake facebook grandmother

This is something that started back in 2006, when I received an email from one Miriam Israel. This Miriam claimed to be my grandmother, and proceeded to ask about details in my life that were not my details, and not my life. I thought a simple case of mistaken identity was made and informed her …

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