Jul 28

Go language for python programmers

A review of the programming language, Go, from the perspective of a python programmer.

Jan 07

Installing PyQt for maya 2011 (OSX)

The solution I arrived at, for successfully installing PyQt4 in Maya 2011, after collecting info from multiple sites…

Oct 08

AtomSplitter source code released

We finally decided to release the source code for AtomSplitter, since we were getting some feedback that the application builds weren’t 100% working on every possible system.

Aug 31

AtomSplitter v1.6 update

AtomSplitter has been updated to v1.6, available through cmivfx.com

Aug 09

Maya, and self-intersecting nurbsCurves

This is a story about my journey in solving a problem at work involving curves. The solution seemed really simple at first, but because of a stupid Maya issue, this turned into me having to rewrite the tool 3 times before I discovered a surprising solution. The Problem: Because we rely heavily on the process …

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Aug 04

Film Jam Podcast Interview

I recently did an interview with my friends on their show, Film Jam. Its a podcast dealing with the film industry from the perspective of 3 guys working their way up the ladder. Fantastic show up ’till this point. Hopefully I don’t break the cycle Please make sure to leave a review about the show …

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May 26

AtomSplitter v1.5 update

AtomSplitter has been updated to v1.5, available through cmivfx.com

May 11

AtomSplitter v1.2 update

AtomSplitter (chanToFbx) has been updated to v1.2, available through cmivfx.com

Mar 18

PyQt4: phonon… and on… and on

“App’ing up” PyQt… ugh. One of biggest problems with PyQt is distributing it in a stand-alone package. Even worse… wanting to make your Qt plugins still function (Phonon, jpeg, etc). At work I constantly had this battle, along with my co-worker Tory. She actually has a long-standing issue with this, and had to resort to …

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Mar 16

SouthPark: A crazy little interface. The TaskMonster.

I get to do a lot of interesting applications at SouthPark. This one in particular was the most challenging use of PyQt that I have experienced to date. The backstory…. The art department wanted a tool to help them track assigned tasks, the progress, and to share media and notes associated with the tasks. Furthermore, …

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