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Oct 08

Intro to Python for Maya Artists – Tutorial


This course brings the talented artist into the fold of the technical-side of Maya. Learn the basics of Python, and its place in your 3D workflow, with visual examples and real world problems. Get a kick-start on adding some automation into your life, and solving common problems in a fraction of the time. By the end of this video, you should have a deeper understanding of one of the languages Maya speaks under the hood…

Aug 31

AtomSplitter v1.6 update

AtomSplitter has been updated to v1.6, available through cmivfx.com

May 26

AtomSplitter v1.5 update

AtomSplitter has been updated to v1.5, available through cmivfx.com

May 11

AtomSplitter v1.2 update

AtomSplitter (chanToFbx) has been updated to v1.2, available through cmivfx.com

Dec 06

chanToFbx tool released through cmiVFX


I had received a mailing list email from cmiVFX, where Chris Maynard was challenging the community to write a tool that could convert a nuke camera .chan file to a functional FBX format. This was apparently meant to compliment the new 3d camera tracker in NukeX. So I decided to take on the challenge. The …

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