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Nov 20

Mixing PyQt4 widgets and Maya UI objects

A question came up in the Maya-Python mailing list that I thought was a really good topic, and should be reposted. Someone asked how you can create maya UI objects and embed them within your main PyQt application. Specifically he wanted to create a modelPanel and embed it so that he would have a camera …

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Nov 15

Python for Maya Artists – Volume 2


Second tutorial in the series released! If you watched the first video, you now have a good grasp on Python. Sweet. Let’s plow through some more involved concepts like python juggernauts!

Nov 09

Installing PyQt4 for Maya 2012+ (osx)

This is a follow up post to my previous one on Installing PyQt4 for Maya 2011 Recently while putting together my next video tutorial for Python for Maya, I came to a section where I wanted to demo PyQt4 in Maya2012. But I was concerned that viewers would have to go through the complicated steps …

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Jan 07

Installing PyQt for maya 2011 (OSX)

The solution I arrived at, for successfully installing PyQt4 in Maya 2011, after collecting info from multiple sites…

Oct 08

AtomSplitter source code released

We finally decided to release the source code for AtomSplitter, since we were getting some feedback that the application builds weren’t 100% working on every possible system.

Aug 31

AtomSplitter v1.6 update

AtomSplitter has been updated to v1.6, available through cmivfx.com

May 26

AtomSplitter v1.5 update

AtomSplitter has been updated to v1.5, available through cmivfx.com

May 11

AtomSplitter v1.2 update

AtomSplitter (chanToFbx) has been updated to v1.2, available through cmivfx.com

Mar 16

SouthPark: A crazy little interface. The TaskMonster.

I get to do a lot of interesting applications at SouthPark. This one in particular was the most challenging use of PyQt that I have experienced to date. The backstory…. The art department wanted a tool to help them track assigned tasks, the progress, and to share media and notes associated with the tasks. Furthermore, …

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Mar 10

PyQt: Overloading/Ignoring events on widgets

You know when you have all these widgets laid out in your class, and you are hooking up all the connections, and you say “Aw dammit I have to subclass QLabel now just so make it ignore blahEvent”? You end up with all these little widget subclasses, where all they are doing is ignoring an …

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